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Boredom Galoredom

Stooping lower has never been such fun!

10 October 1985
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I'm Ben, what are you wearing?
'that's what she said', (older) 311, 24, a healthy scrubs obsession, a packed lunch, a perfect circle, a swung 6/8 feel, abnormal states of mind, accurate id3 tags, air guitar on brooms, amusing irony, anything that's on special, beauty in the dissonance, being an ex-ex-astrogeek, being pathetic at life, big sips, café food, challenging time signatures, chewing food thoroughly, confidence at roundabouts, constantly updating my interests, devouring sandwiches, douglas adams, dr john zoidberg, dream theater, driving in gta mode, eddie'd go it, embarassing tv shows, emma related sandwich takeovers, emotion eric, exploring awareness, failed sitcoms, failing at ending conversations, fenchurch's curious behaviour, freaks and geeks, frozen grapes, fully punctuated text messages, gay chicken, george, go, goldeneye 64, google and wikipedia, goon with soft drink, grand theft auto series, grinning at inopportune moments, halo, harry potter books, hilarious children's tv programming, home theatre solutions, hoobustank with a u, humour in own misfortunes, incessant obscure simpsons quotes, incompetent fast food workers, incubus (pre-ben kenney), insulting mcdonalds employees, interests_that_exceed_the_allotted_word_count, jaco pastorius, james labrie vibrato, jamming, john mayer's geeky tendancies, john safran, jones in the fast-lane, josh freese, just listening, karnivool, kid a/amnesiac, lateralus, lester burnham, liquid tension experiment, making accurate ringtones, malcolm in the middle, maynard james keenan (god), meals that subdue, mimes (apparently), misconstruing things ami says, mispelt livejornal intrests, mitch hedberg, monkey island, moon tans, music in three dimensions, music that creates itself, music-gasms, musical journeys, musicians with great ears, new items of clothing, non-smokers, not tolerating the intolerant, nuances and subtlety, old school gaming, old school green day, open minds, opening to heal, overly intense gazes, pink floyd induced trances, puddy (yeah that's right), relative pitch, religious humour, ricky fitts, rocking out, running while completely numb, scaring small children, scents that trigger memories, scrings, seconds, secret pokémon obsessions, seeing things clearly, sex related absences, sexbox, sexual nintendo entertainment saga, short meaningful kisses, singing entire albums, skinny in two senses, skolling, sleep and biscuits, sleep deprivation stupidity, sleepy hallucinations, smiling for no-apparent-reason, snoo-snoo, soggy reheated pizza, something for kate, sonic the hedgehog, spiritual musical experiences, stargazing, stationery shopping, strange people (strangers), surprising people with screams, that blowdried hand feeling, that feeling following hangovers, that first morning kiss, that first morning stretch, that thing you do, the (first) matrix, the evil dark conceals, the mars volta, the roost chicken burgers, the usual suspects, therapeutic physical contact, tolerance, tool, trigger happy tv, typing quicker than you, unexpected extremely blunt honesty, unique livejournal fuckyou interests, unspoken bonds, using the word 'teh', utopia, waking between sleep stages, watching too many infomercials, what would maynard do, which one's pink